Meta title common # / Meta title common

A domain's meta title common # and meta title common attributes provide, respectively, the count and list of words that are common to its meta title and the meta title of the principal domain. This excludes high frequency words (like 'the' and 'and').

NOTE It is not always possible to obtain metadata for a domain, so these attributes are not always available for every domain in a report.

Calculating meta title common # / meta title common

For example, consider this meta title:

Personal - Bank of Elbonia UK

Here are some sample comparison scores:

Meta title Meta title common # Meta title common
Kneebonia Bank - Personal Banking, Personal Finances & Bank Accounts 2 bank, personal
Home | Bank of Elbonia for Intermediaries 2 bank, elbonia

Viewing meta title common # / meta title common values

All worksheets in the data tables (MS Excel file) for a report that list domains contain Meta title common # and Meta title common columns for these attributes.