Meta title similarity

A domain's meta title similarity provides a numerical value for how similar in meaning its meta title is to the meta title of the principal domain.

NOTE It is not always possible to obtain metadata for a domain, so this score is not always available for every domain in a report.

Calculating meta title similarity

We use OpenAI to compare meta title texts, and report the similarity as a normalised score between 0 and 1. For example, consider this meta title:

Personal - Bank of Elbonia UK

Here are some sample comparison scores:

Meta title Meta title similarity
Bank of Elbonia - Begin 0.9482
Bank of Kneebonia | Mortgages | Existing Customers 0.9242
Compare travel money - Today's best exchange rates online 0.8881
Seo Link Directory - Improve link popularity 0.8558

In practice, almost all meta title similarity scores are between 0.7 and 1, or 0 (zero scores occur when it has not been possible to obtain metadata for a domain). Only scores of 0.9 or above should be regarded as 'significant' when considering this metric.

Visualising meta title similarity

In the report interactive, Explore further > Core attributes > Meta title similarity applies the meta title similarity palette to all non-dimmed domains.

Viewing meta title similarity values

All worksheets in the data tables (MS Excel file) for a report that list domains contain a Meta title similarity column for this attribute.