Quickstart: the report interactive

Each Oxzeon report has an interactive that allows you to explore the backlinks ecosystem in detail.

TIP Press F11 to full-screen the browser window when viewing an Oxzeon report interactive.

1. Report title

Most report titles follow a standard format which contains the following components:

2. Graph visualisation

Depending on the selection in the quick analysis component, the graph visualisation shows all or some of the ecosystem modelled by the report.

Each node is a domain, and each edge (the curved lines) represents a backlinks relationship. The direction of a relationship (i.e., that domain A links to domain B), is indicated both by the curvature - flow is always clockwise - and animations on the edge when part of a selection.

You can interact with the graph visualisation several ways:

3. Quick analysis

The quick analysis component focuses the graph visualisation component on the parts of the graph that are most relevant to key questions addressed by the report:

The quick analysis component also contains the toggle that makes the explore further component visible.

4. Explore further

The explore further component is made visible using a toggle in the quick analysis component. This component contains groups of palettes that will re-colour the domains in the graph visualisation component to reflect a particular attribute:

Options in the special group work slightly differently: instead of re-colouring domains, they put coloured rings around the relevant domains and do not override the currently selected palette.

5. Key

Each time you select an option in the quick analysis or explore further components, the key component will provide information on the meaning of the palette that's currently being used to colour the domains (nodes) in the graph visualisation component.

6. Data, notes, and legal tabs

Data tab

When no node is selected, the data tab component replicates almost all columns from the data tables for all domains shown in the graph visualisation component (excluding any that are dimmed). You can interact with the data tab several ways:

Notes tab

If visible, this tab provides additional notes about the report, such as how domains were added to the whitelist and ignore list.

Legal tab

Legal information about Oxzeon and our partners.

7. Domain panel

This component appears when you click on a domain in the graph visualisation component, and contains all data from the appropriate row in the data tables. The domain panel is useful if you have minimised the data tab component, but still want to see detailed information for a domain. You can also minimise the domain panel by clicking on the pink chevron.

8. Colour spectrum panel

Some palettes activated by the explore further component, e.g., the one for degree, are spectral: they use different colours for the top and bottom of the range of available values, with white as mid-point. The colour spectrum panel appears when one of these palettes is active. Shown in the panel are three components:

You can also minimise the colour spectrum panel by clicking on the pink chevron.

9. Read the docs and downloads buttons

Click the Read the docs button to open the complete guide to Oxzeon reports in a new browser window (this guide!).

Click the Downloads button to see download options for: