Paid keywords

A domain's paid keywords score is an estimate, provided by Ahrefs, of the total number of keywords that the domain ranks for in the top 100 paid search results. This score can be a factor in determining whether a domain will appear on the following lists:

Visualising paid keywords

In the report interactive, Explore further > Traffic & keywords > Paid keywords applies the paid keywords palette to all non-dimmed domains. This re-colouring is relative, not absolute, so 'High' means high in the context of this ecosystem (not the wider web), and excludes principal and competitor domains.

TIP You can use the handles in the colour spectrum panel (see quickstart: the report interactive) to focus the palette on a particular part of the spectrum.

Viewing paid keywords values

All worksheets in the data tables (MS Excel file) for a report that list domains contain a Paid keywords column for this attribute.